Founded in 2001 by Architect and Principal Darren Petrucci, Architecture – Infrastructure – Research, Inc. is an architecture and urban design firm focused on translating advanced research methods and sustainable practices into elegant design solutions that respond to each client’s particular needs and desires. The firm sees the complex contemporary environmental context of each site as an opportunity for investigation and unique solutions. A-I-R seeks intelligent and enlightened forward-thinking clients who are interested in a collaborative environment that focuses on design solutions that engage individual sites, specific client programs, and environmental conditions.


Darren Petrucci, AIA

Principal, Architect

Trained as both an architect and urban designer at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Darren is a Professor in The Design School at Arizona State University, and a Senior Sustainability Scientist in the Global institute of Sustainability, as well as an affiliate faculty in The School of the Future of Innovation in Society. This unique background and expertise in architecture, urban design, the science of sustainability, technology, and materials informs the design practice of A-I-R producing cutting-edge, intelligent, and beautiful designs for its clients.

Joe Pritchard, AIA

Project Architect

Yanela Núñez Ventura, Arq., Assoc. AIA

Designer, Project Manager

Rafael González Brochero, NOMA

Designer, Project Manager

Daniel Medina Núñez, Arq.

Designer, Project Manager